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What do you need in a production temp?



A Proven Process for
Better Performance.

At Operon, our sole focus is developing, providing and managing temporary labor on-boarding solutions for healthcare product manufacturers, including medical device, bio-manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. By combining our life sciences industry experience, on-site management expertise, and our proven screening and training process – The Operon Gate™ – we can ensure a total screening and onboarding program tailored to your specific requirements, protocols and standards.  Click on the topic above that best addresses your interest, then Click on the boxes to the left to see how Operon delivers your ideal temporary work force solution.



Applicant Screening

One of the most important steps in the hiring process is evaluating and confirming a candidate’s background and experience. Through Operon’s tailored approach, this can include thorough screening and verification of:

  • employment history and references.
  • education.
  • particular achievements and performance.

E Verify

Through our in-person interviews and screening process, we also assess traits like character, work ethic, and communication skills to determine if a candidate has the attributes necessary for success in the life sciences industry. Once we bring someone on board, we then use E-Verify to confirm eligibility for work in the US. Learn more.



Pre-employment Testing

Healthcare product manufacturing requires a wide range of fundamental skills, knowledge and aptitudes. At Operon, we can choose from over 650 skill assessments to evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform your job functions in manufacturing and logistics. Our most commonly administered tests include:

  • English Language and Reading Skills.
  • Math and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Manual Dexterity.
  • Mechanical Aptitude.
  • Visual Acuity.
  • Inspection Aptitude.
  • Workplace Safety.

All pre-employment tests are performed under the supervision of an Operon representative. Learn more.



Customized Training Programs

Few jobs require as much knowledge of manufacturing standards and compliance requirements as a production role in the healthcare industry. To better screen and prepare our candidates, Operon provides customized training programs based on the operational methods of our clients. We have developed an extensive library of audio/visual training modules to draw upon, including:

  • Management Systems (ISO 9001/13485/14000/etc.).
  • Complying with cGMP/QS Requirements.
  • Gowning and Clean Room Protocol.
  • Work Instructions Orientation.
  • Device Master Record (DMR).
  • Device History Record (DHR).
  • ESD Training/Certification.
  • Terminology and Visual Defects.
  • Lean Six Sigma Orientations (5’s; 7-Wastes).

Candidates are trained in all relevant processes, and are then tested to evaluate how well they’ve retained the information. Learn more.



Temporary Employee Orientation

There’s more to a good worker than good work. To make sure your temporary labor follows your company policies and procedures, Operon provides a comprehensive employee orientation. Before setting foot on your facility floor, all job candidates must understand the following:

  • Safety policies.
  • Security procedures.
  • Time clock and other record keeping requirements.
  • Operational policies & protocols.
  • Rules of conduct & behavior.
  • Dress code.

Our orientation also covers pay and benefits, plus all the other nuances of your medical device and life sciences manufacturing environment. Learn more.



Employee Work Ethic

A candidate’s work ethic can be determined by checking references. But seeing is believing. So, in addition to our standard reference checks, Operon performs on-site interviews and multiple training/testing sessions to gain an even better indication of a candidate’s effort, attention level and punctuality. We note if they show up late, on time or early for these sessions, and if they arrive with a can-do attitude.



Temporary Worker Flexibility

At Operon, we have the screening process and management tools to ensure worker flexibility from job-to-job or machine-to-machine, and the continuity of workers from day-to-day. Plus, we train our candidates in all aspects of production and material handling in the medical device and life sciences industry. This training program minimizes the preparation and ramp-up of new workers as needed. Our employees are ready to go, in any direction, on short notice.



employee advancement

Operon temps frequently advance to full-time employment. That’s because they’re so well screened and trained for the job. We also inquire up front if our candidates are available for full-time employment. Many welcome the opportunity, and find it an extra incentive to prove themselves on the job.



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