Employee Spotlight

Operon’s Employee Spotlight exemplifies our commitment to employee engagement. At Operon, we aim to cultivate a creative and innovative culture that recognizes individual growth through the celebration of successes. We value the contributions of our employees. It is their hard-work and dedication that energizes and inspires us each and every day. We aim to set our employees up for rewarding and successful careers; throughout their tenure with Operon and in their professional journeys beyond.

See our company and culture at work through the accomplishments of our greatest ambassadors… our employees!


Ione Wright

Associate Name: Ione Wright
Started working with Operon: May 2017
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Inspector Packer

Ione has been a shining star employee since day 1 with her client. She has been praised for perfect attendance, great initiative, great attention to detail, and is always looking to get involved and help where it is needed the most. Ione’s primary job is to inspect and pack molded plastic medical device components. She can run as many as 7 machines by herself and keep up with the steady fast paced environment. As needed, Ione trains new associates and brings a warm welcoming spirit to the clean room. Her positive nature is contagious and it shows in her work ethic.

Abiodun Shittu

Associate Name: Abiodun Shittu
Started working with Operon: March 2017
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Manufacturing Tech

Abiodun started with Operon and within a short period of time was hired on directly by the client. He always arrived on time with a big smile on his face! He was optimistic when times were tough and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Abiodun has been doing plastic manufacturing for many years, yet has not lost a touch of enthusiasm. His attendance was spot on and he enjoys every day on the job. Great job Abi and thank you for your dedication and commitment to the manufacturing industry!

Associate Name: James Cordero
Started working with Operon: August 2013
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Production Supervisor

James Cordero started working at Operon in August 2013. He started as a night shift Inspector Packer before moving to the division he is currently working in.  There he was brought in as a Check Valve Inspector and shortly after, was hired as a full time Operator 2. James has held a couple different positons within the organization. He was promoted to a Utility Inspector and then to a CMO and moved in to the Group Lead role. After about 5 months into the Group Lead positon James was then promoted to Production Supervisor. James has exceptional work ethic and is highly valued within his company.

Associate Name: Brittany Huskey
Started working with Operon: April 2017
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Supervisor

She started with Operon back in April 2014.She has worked her way up the ranks since. She became a group leader, and is now a Supervisor in the Assembly department. Brittany keeps her shift running efficiently and works awesome under pressure and can allocate job duties effectively. Brittany has grown tremendously and has a very bright future ahead of her.

Associate Name: Desiree Rodriguez
Started working with Operon: 07/2012
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Entry-level Engineer

Desiree has been with our client for 5 years. She started as an entry level Inspector Packer and has been promoted to Production Lead, Temporary Supervisor and most recently promoted to an Entry-Level Engineer.  Desiree was highly regarded by her peers and supervisors for her hard work ethic and ability to learn new skills quickly.  Her experience, drive, skills and degree from Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School in the automotive technology program has certainly helped her climb the ladder of success rather quickly! Way to go Desiree!

Associate Name: Gerson G.
Started working with Operon: November 2016
Starting Job Title: Inspector Assembler
Current Job Title: Inspector Assembler

“Gerson is smart, quick to pick up the more difficult tools and is a real team player. He helps out without being asked, always has a smile on his face and is a real pleasure to have on our team. Also, Gerson has very good attendance which is a must for us to make our goals. We would like to commend him for all that he brings to the workplace”.

A few quotes from Gerson’s supervisor who would like him to be recognized on our spotlight page. Gerson certainly knows what it takes to come into the workplace and make a positive different. Thank you Gerson for all the hard work you continue to provide to our client!

Associate Name: Katie M.
Started working with Operon: June 2016
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Group Lead

Katie had the qualities that all employers strive to instill in their associates. Katie began working for Operon in June 2016 as an Assembler. Right away Katie’s natural leadership skills and desire for perfection caught the attention of her supervisor. Katie had excellent work ethic and was the perfect fit for a permanent placement. Katie was hired by her client in December 2016 and was promoted to Group Lead. She is quickly working her way up in the ranks. We expect many great things from Katie. Way to go!

Blake R.

Associate Name: Blake R.
Started working with Operon: March 2016
Starting Job Title: Entry Level- Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Mold Setter

First Impressions are not always right, but sometimes they can be!

Blake R. started with Operon in March of 2016 in an Entry-Level Inspector Packer position in our molding department. Right away, Blake’s first impression to his supervisor set him apart from the rest, with his warm introduction, solid handshake and courteous personality we knew we had our next superstar.  Blake continually went above and beyond to support all areas of the molding floor and was willing to step in and learn all aspects of his job to the finest of detail. The client Blake worked for had been searching for a Mold Setter for an extended period of time with no luck filling the role. With Blake’s mechanical background, eagerness to learn and impressive work ethic, he was given the opportunity to train in the Mold Setter position. Blake accepted the role and soon found himself on a path to a new career! Blake was hired on by the client in this position and his desire to succeed is clearly evident. We are so very proud of Blake and all his accomplishments thus far in his career!


Associate Name: Peter L.
Started working with Operon: March 2015
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Group Leader

Peter L. started with Operon in March of 2015 in an Entry-Level Inspector Packer position in our molding department. During his time in this position Peter had near perfect attendance and his attention to detail and eagerness to go above and beyond earned him a promotion to Group Leader. Peter understands the true definition of “teamwork” and has been a tremendous asset to his company. Peter never hesitates to step in with a helping hand and is always suggesting ways to improve daily processes. Peter was hired on by the client and we cant wait to see where his future leads him!

Wilson P.

Associate Name: Wilson P.
Started working with Operon: March, 2015
Starting Job Title: Manufacturing Associate Level 1
Current Job Title: Group Leader

Wilson started with Operon in March of 2015.  He began as a Manufacturing Associate Level 1 and has never looked back! We have been very fortunate to watch Wilson grow from Level 1 all the way to Level 3 Manufacturing Associate. Wilson was hired on by the client in February 2016 and is now successfully working as a Group Leader. In this position Wilson is responsible for overseeing the entire shift, as well as assisting in other areas as needed. We are very proud of all that Wilson has been able to accomplish thus far in his career.

Kayla D.

Associate Name: Kayla D.
Started working with Operon: March 2015
Starting Job Title: Level 2 Manufacturing Associate
Current Job Title: Group Leader

Kayla started with Operon in March of 2015 as a Level 2 Manufacturing Associate. Her strong attention to detail and drive to learn and master new jobs enabled her to climb up the ladder quickly to Level 3 Manufacturing Associate and lastly to Group Leader. As Group Leader in packing, Kayla oversees the final operation where finished life-saving medical products are wrapped and passed to the warehouse for packaging and shipping to customers. Kayla has since been hired on with the client. Way to go Kayla!

Alex C.

Associate Name: Alex C.
Started working with Operon: January, 2013
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Maintenance Technician

Alex’s story serves as a perfect reminder that hard work and dedication always pays off. He began his career as an Inspector Packer at one of our clients, where it was quickly detected that he had a great mechanical aptitude. His skill working with machines was noted by his supervisor, who began to train him on machine start-up and shut-down procedures, a task which cannot be performed by just anyone. Alex continued to display a strong desire to learn everything there was to know about each machine and its processes. The Maintenance Manager took interest, and within only five months, Alex was hired by our client, where he was placed into a maintenance trainee position, and again into a Maintenance Technician position, which he currently holds.

Andrea G

Associate Name: Andrea G
Started working with Operon: 2005
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Department Supervisor

Everyone loves a heartwarming story, and that of Andrea’s is nothing but. After having worked as a waitress since her teenage years and becoming a mother to a beautiful baby boy, Andrea had decided that it was time for a change. She was offered a position as an assembler at one of our client locations, never expecting that it would eventually turn into her career. She was hired by the client within seven months of her start date, and began to express a desire to learn new tasks and demonstrated a willingness to learn all facets of the medical device manufacturing industry. Andrea was given the opportunity to do so, and she was promoted in 2009 to a Group Leader position. Her growth did not stop there, however, as she was again promoted into a Department Supervisor position, where she currently serves as such and successfully supervises employees each day.

Associate Name: Matthew P
Started working with Operon: December 2011
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Manufacturing Technician/Acting Supervisor

Matt is a prime example of how one can move up quickly in the manufacturing environment. Matt began working for Operon in December of 2011 as an Inspector Packer in one of our molding divisions.  From the very beginning, his supervisor shared with us that he was a real “go-getter,” and that he was impressed at how quickly Matt caught on to the intricacies of the job. Matt had excellent attendance and punctuality, and always demonstrated a great attitude. In June of 2012, Matt was hired on with the client and has since been promoted to a Manufacturing Technician. Furthermore, he is currently Acting Supervisor for his department – quite impressive! We are proud to say that Matt began his career with Operon and we look forward to seeing his career progress!

Gregory R.

Associate Name: Gregory R.
Started working with Operon: July 16th, 2011
Starting Job Title: Quality Inspector
Current Job Title: Quality Engineering Technician

Adjectives such as multifaceted and adaptable can get thrown around often when characterizing a person’s job performance, but they explain no one else’s history quite as well as that of Greg’s. Greg began as a Quality Inspector and was quickly hired by our client a mere five months later. The tenacity he displayed and the willingness to learn and take on responsibility were just a few of the reasons that he was subsequently moved into a Quality Specialist position, and then again promoted to Quality Engineering Technician. His ever present penchant for technical analysis and complete understanding of product are a few of the reasons why he now finds himself set for a new, upcoming role in New Product Development. Throughout his time in medical device manufacturing, Greg has never forgotten the impact that one person can have on the industry, a trait that has certainly added to his devotion and tireless work ethic, as well as having garnered him recognition after recognition from both Operon and our client.

Floyd N.

Associate Name: Floyd N.
Started working with Operon: December, 2013
Starting Job Title: Manufacturing Technician I
Current Job Title: Manufacturing Technician I

Floyd graduated from the Medical Device Manufacturing training program at Mount Wachusett Community College in partnership with Operon. After completing the 5 week course training, Floyd applied with Operon and began working at our client site on 2nd shift, where he proved to be very flexible and a hard worker. He was always willing to work overtime any day of the week, including weekends, without ever missing a scheduled day of work. During his time spent with Operon there were times when work slowed down, yet he remained patient and always kept a positive attitude. In April of 2014, after only 6 months, Floyd became the first Operon associate to be hired by this Operon client. We are very proud to say that our partnership with Mount Wachusett, along with Floyd’s great work ethic, helped Floyd receive the tools he needed to become successful and advance in the manufacturing industry.

Adam B.

Associate Name: Adam B.
Started working with Operon: September 2013
Starting Job Title: Inspector Assembler
Current Job Title: Materials Planning Coordinator II

Adam started with Operon in September of 2013. His professional demeanor and motivation to work were evident from the moment he applied with us, which carried through his time spent working with Operon. He was initially placed as an Inspector Assembler in our client’s Assembly Division.  Within four short days, the manager of the assembly division called to say that, due to Adam’s quick advancement and eagerness to take on new tasks, she was going to start training him as a Material Handler. She went on to ask if we could “clone” him, because she wanted more associates like him! Adam was subsequently hired on quickly – only about 4 months later as a Materials Planning Coordinator II, where he continues to do an amazing job each and every day.

Andrew C.

Associate Name: Andrew C.
Started working with Operon: January 2005
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Project Engineer

Andrew started with Operon in January of 2005. He began as an Inspector Packer in one of our molding divisions, catching on quickly and displaying the right attitude to help him progress in the organization. Andrew took on assembly roles and soon became a Service Person in the assembly division of one of our largest clients. Throughout his tenure with Operon, Management would continually praise his work and attitude, making it no surprise that he was eventually hired on by the client. Andrew was recently promoted to a role off the manufacturing floor as a Project Engineer. We wish Andrew nothing but success as he continues to grow with the organization.

James H.

Associate Name: James H.
Started working with Operon: January, 2009
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Systems Data Coordinator

James began his employment with us in 2009, and within just five short years, he has grown greatly with the organization. Starting as an Inspector Packer, James learned the job quickly and feedback from the supervisors was nothing but positive. He moved in to a Material Handler role which eventually turned in to a Materials Specialist position. Through the years, James has consistently met the expectations of both Operon and our client.  James was recently promoted to the position of Systems Data Coordinator. We are sure his strong work ethic will allow James to continue to grow with our client.

Jeremy M.

Associate Name: Jeremy M.
Started working with Operon: January 2012
Starting Job Title: Operator
Current Job Title: Precision Mechanical Inspector I

Jeremy started with us in January of 2012, impressing us from the very beginning. Jeremy’s high school experience in drafting made him an obvious choice for us when we were requested to recruit for someone who was “mechanically inclined.” Once Jeremy started work, it did not take long before we heard praise from his supervisor, who went so far as to state that Jeremy would be hired as soon as the hours required for conversion were met. This particular department does not typically request many new associates, so the fact that he was hired on so quickly is a testament to his skill and work ethic. Since then, Jeremy has been promoted to Precision Mechanical Inspector I within this same department, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Juan R.

Associate Name: Juan R.
Started working with Operon: 2002
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Supervisor

Juan began with Operon back in 2002, where he initially worked as an Inspector Packer in one of our client’s molding divisions. After being hired by the Client, he quickly moved into a Service Person position, and then again to a Manufacturing Technician role. With the consistent and strong performance he displayed, it was no surprise that he was promoted into a Supervisor position. Through our on-site management with this client, we now converse with Juan on a daily basis, as he is now a primary point of contact for ordering staff for his department and providing feedback to Operon on the associates assigned to his shift. Juan has certainly come full circle with Operon, and we are continually delighted by all of his success.

Associate Name: Sonny G.
Started working with Operon: July, 2010
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Engineering Technician

When Sonny came through our doors, he was working in a retail environment, but desired more hours and a stable work schedule. He was placed on assignment as an assembler for one of our clients, and was hired within four months of his start date, thanks in part to his outstanding and proven work ethic. He continually showed initiative as well as an ability to learn new tasks quickly. Within the same year Sonny was hired, he and applied for an Engineering Technician role, which he was hired for, and continues to excel in to this day.

Associate Name: Dana W.
Started working with Operon: August, 2013
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Documentation Control

Operon met Dana at an open house we were conducting at one of our client’s sites. With no prior manufacturing experience and in need of a new job, he was interested in what Operon had to offer. From his first day on the job, we received rave reviews from his supervisor, and knew that Dana would be someone to watch. Due to his perfect attendance, superior work ethic and ever present pleasant and courteous personality, Dana was hired as a Cell Lead as soon as he was eligible for permanent placement with our client. As a Cell Lead, Dana’s primary responsibility was the training of new and current employees. Through his time as a cell lead, he volunteered to work nights to offer support to struggling shifts, and was flexible to cross train in several departments, something that has helped give him a thorough knowledge of the business and processes involved. After working as a Cell Lead for several months, Dana has recently been promoted into a new Documentation Control position, where his job involves keeping all documents that are used throughout the company updated and accurate, as well as ensuring compliance to cGMP requirements. Dana’s office is now located next to our on-site office, and is a wonderful reminder of how far a good work ethic and positive attitude can take someone in life.

Associate Name: Michelle D.
Started working with Operon: July, 2009
Starting Job Title: Inspector Packer
Current Job Title: Shift Supervisor

Michelle moved to the United States and her first job here was an Inspector Packer with Operon at one of our client sites. She had no previous experience in manufacturing, but was dedicated to learning all aspects of the environment and proving that her good attention to detail and work ethic would take her far. Thanks to these traits, and many more, she was hired by the company, eventually moving into a Cell Lead position, where her work performance garnered her three Exceeding Expectation awards from our client. After three years working as both an Inspector Packer and a Cell Lead, Michelle was promoted to a Shift Supervisor position, where she currently oversees a full staff of eight permanent employees, along with a number of our associates. Michelle has always been a great asset to both Operon and our client, and her positive attitude and helpful nature make her a pleasure to work alongside.

Associate Name: Julio A.
Started working with Operon: June, 2011
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Engineering Technician

When Julio first started with Operon, he may have had minimal manufacturing experience, however his voracious desire to learn and contribute was the first sign that he had potential. Julio was placed in an entry-level position as an assembler of chest drain units at one of our client sites. This same dedication and work ethic that we encountered early on was not lost on our client, as they soon saw how capable he was and hired him. He eventually became one of the department welders, and soon was again promoted into another position as an Engineering Technician, where he currently resides and prospers. We are very proud of Julio and all his success.

Associate Name: Omar C.
Started working with Operon: October, 2008
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Engineering Technician

In 2008, Omar came to Operon with no prior experience in manufacturing. He took in every ounce of the training provided, and in conjunction with his eagerness to learn and dedication, he came down the learning curve exceptionally quick and began contributing to the company immediately. Through his hard work and ability to manage and run many processes in our client’s Endo department, he was hired in less than four months. Additionally, when hired, he was promoted to a Group Lead position. His passion for growth did not stop there, as he recently was promoted again, this time to an Engineering Technician role, where he is currently having great success.

Associate Name: Isaiah K.
Started working with Operon: December, 2013
Starting Job Title: Inspector Assembler
Current Job Title: Automation Technician

Isaiah impressed us all from the start. His swift, accurate and efficient work was noticed immediately by his supervisors, as he was able to learn all of the machines and jobs running in his assembly department in record time. That is no small feat. A manager of another department quickly noticed his valuable skill set and work ethic and recognized his vast potential. This led to a transfer to the Automation Department, where he began his training as an Automation Technician where he currently works today.

Associate Name: Paula C.
Started working with Operon: October, 2013
Starting Job Title: Assembler
Current Job Title: Group Leader

Paula started with Operon in a very regimented assembly department that was new to start up. During her initial interview for this position, she instantly made an impression on the department manager and supervisor. Paula was the first Operon employee to be placed within this disciplined department, setting the standard for all others to work to achieve. Her attention to detail, which is an absolute requirement for this position as it involves pharmaceuticals, along with her positive attitude and solid work performance led to her eventual hire with the client. Paula has since been promoted and now works as a Group Leader.

Joseph T.

Associate Name: Joseph T.
Started working with Operon: February, 2014
Starting Job Title: Check Valve Inspector
Current Job Title: Group Leader

Joe started as a Check Valve Inspector, quickly catching on to the minute details that this job requires. His perfect attendance, in conjunction with his strong work ethic, grabbed the attention of his supervisor, so much so that when work in this particular department slowed down, he was transferred to a different department that requires a very high skill level. In this new department, Joe worked with pharmaceuticals, which demands a much greater emphasis on attention to detail and stricter documentation procedures. He impressed everyone from day one. Spending only five months within this new department led to a permanent hire by the company and a promotion to Group Leader.