Operon is the leading provider of temporary labor and workforce solutions for medical device and life science manufacturing companies.  Our primary goal is to help you manage your labor needs more cost-efficiently without sacrificing quality, compliance or production.

The first step in considering a new temporary staffing firm is gaining confidence by evaluating various criteria and getting straight answers. At Operon, we believe in a thorough and transparent presentation of our value to prospective customers at every point of contact.

This website is one place to gain information, ask questions, and get answers. We’re always happy to arrange a formal presentation at your facility.

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We also invite you to our “On-Site Overview”, where you can see for yourself how our On-Site Staff Management and The Operon Gate works.

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See Operon in Action

With our “On-Site Overview”, we invite you to one of our on-site managed locations, where we walk you through the steps of The Operon Gate, show you our Quality Management System, and give you a good sense of how Operon operates. We can also arrange for you to speak with the site’s Human Resource and Operations Managers to get their first-hand perspective. It’s all designed to help you better understand our value and make a more informed decision.

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