Building Your Gate. Preparing Your Workforce.


At Operon, we make the investment up-front to tailor a candidate screening, orientation and training process to your specific needs and expectations. We call this process The Operon Gate. Our approach is to verify and/or develop the qualities you seek in a new production worker through objective testing and training within the boundaries of the law and technology. Think of us as an extension of you, with a bag full of great tools.

When building your Gate, we draw upon over 650 skill, knowledge and aptitude tests. We create a training curriculum that covers standard production procedures and protocols. We test all candidates to verify that they have mastered the material. And if we don’t have the tests or training tools we need, we find or create new ones to get the job done. We then develop an employee orientation based on your company policies and culture.

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Once you approve your Operon Gate, we put your temporary candidates through it. Some make the cut, others don’t. But those who do are the most prepared temporary workers for the job at hand.

For more information on each step of The Operon Gate, click here.

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