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Having labor pains? Tell us where it hurts.



Preemptive Solutions to your
Biggest Challenges.

Through many years of listening to HR Managers and Production Supervisors, we’ve heard it all. We empathize with the challenge of finding and keeping reliable workers. We understand the difficulty of managing fill rates to cost-effectively meet fluctuating production demands. We know how time-consuming training and orientation can be. Fortunately, Operon has a number of preemptive measures in place to help solve your challenges, and prevent problems before they occur. Click on the boxes to the left to see how we provide fast pain relief.


Prompt Scale-up or Down

You need reliable temporary labor on a moment’s notice when production expands or turnover occurs. Operon helps you avoid shortages by maintaining a pool of pre-screened and trained temporary workers ready to go on-demand. In fact, our average fill-rate over the past 10 years is 98%. Plus, we aggressively recruit on a continual basis to replenish our pool of talent. Scaling back is equally prompt and effortless. Just notify our on-site manager, and we’ll handle the rest.


Thoroughly screened labor

Poor work quality is often the result of poor screening and training. Our Operon Gate ensures that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and prepared for the demands of medical device or pharmaceutical manufacturing. In addition, our on-site management team continually monitors worker performance and provides necessary feedback in real time. You can worry less about training, costly errors or downtime, and focus instead on managing your operation.


tailored orientation

An employee who doesn’t fit your company culture or abide by your code of conduct can be an unnecessary distraction. During the Orientation phase of our Operon Gate, we make sure all candidates know what is expected of them as far as appearance, conduct and behavior on the job. Your workers will arrive well suited and ready to go on day one. Learn more.


Unique focus on work ethic

Nothing is more irritating than workers who are consistently late, lazy or disinterested in their job. While reference checks can help us investigate qualities like work ethic, they are not always a complete source of information. Fortunately, our Operon Gate enables an extra level of assessment. Through this discerning process of in-person interviews and multiple testing/training sessions, we can get a much better sense of a candidate’s work ethic. What’s more, our orientation makes clear what is expected of all workers as far as behavior, punctuality and attitude.


Pre-trained Employees

Training your own work force is time-consuming enough, let alone training every temporary employee in every relevant policy and procedure. Operon minimizes this burden by educating candidates in everything from your company protocols and products to standard industry processes such as DMRs, Gowning, cGMPs, and more. Your temporary labor will arrive ready to hit the ground running with a comprehensive base of knowledge. Learn more.


Results You Can Measure

You can’t accurately measure your labor ROI without quantifiable metrics. As part of our continual improvement process, we provide a full range of on-site performance metrics, including:

  • Usage and Orders summaries.
  • Order/Assignment Fill Ratios.
  • Overtime Usage.
  • Temp-to-Hire Conversion Rates.
  • Turnover Statistics.
  • Supervisor & Worker Satisfaction Survey Results.
  • Safety and Incident Reports.

Metrics can be customized and are provided in well-organized reports and reviews, and are easily accessed on our secure shared files system. Learn more.


Quality Assurance

Tired of staffing firms falling short of your expectations or leaving you with holes to fill? At Operon, we have the experience, scope, and systems required to deliver on our promise of consistent quality, including:

  • The Operon Gate.
  • Quality Management System.
  • Kronos Software.
  • Proven back-office systems & support.
  • Expanded IT support (multiple time zones).
  • Regular Internal Audits.
  • Quarterly customer surveys and reviews.

We have developed a reputation for providing exceptional service, staff management and work quality to healthcare manufacturers, from the component level to OEM’s.



Any other pains or problems? Please let us know . We’ll respond shortly with a possible solution.