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What do you expect from a staffing firm?



Everything you need to succeed.

Healthcare and life science manufacturing companies have a unique set of demands and priorities. This warrants a staffing firm with equally unique perspectives and operational capabilities to meet those demands. Operon is that firm. With our flexible, tailored approach and proven operational processes, Operon helps HR Managers and Production Supervisors succeed on their terms. Click on the boxes to the left to see how Operon is positioned to meet your expectations every step of the way.



A Blueprint for Success

Changing staffing firms shouldn’t be complicated or risky. Nor should it take a lot of your time and effort. Operon makes it easy. Backed by many years of transition experience with scores of medical device and life science companies, we provide a proven blueprint for transition success, simplicity and efficiency. We facilitate the conversion of any current temporary employees in accordance with American Staffing Association (ASA) guidelines. We set up time clocks and other equipment in accordance to the account Implementation Plan. And we handle all the details of account set-up for you, so all you have to do is review and approve. Learn more.



A Relationship Worth Renewing

At Operon, customers find our life science industry experience to be the basis for a reliable relationship. We’ve also built a reputation for being easy to work with and delivering on our promises. It’s the main reason we have a 100% contract renewal rate with our customers over the past 10 years. Our relationship starts with a smooth transition and continues with being pro-active, flexible and dedicated to your objectives at every turn.



Industry Experience.  Steadfast Attention.

Staffing firms can fall short in delivering quality labor by failing to comprehend the unique needs & concerns of HR Managers or Production Supervisors in the healthcare product manufacturing industry. At Operon, we bring over a decade of experience in production staffing to the table. We listen to you. We document it. We get it. Everything we do, from developing position summaries to creating our training programs and screening evaluations is based upon our deep understanding of your processes and protocols, and what’s important to you. Learn more.



Quality Labor on a Consistent Basis

It’s one thing to deliver a valuable production worker. It’s another thing to do it on a consistent basis, and manage an entire temporary work force to ensure quality across multiple positions and facilities. At Operon, we have the systems and resources to do just that. From our thorough Position Summaries and The Operon Gate screening process to our Quality Management System and Employee Communications Program, we have all the measures in place to provide quality labor and managerial effectiveness. Anywhere, anytime, all the time.



Rapid Response.  customer focused.

At Operon, we’re nimble enough to scale-up or down on a moment’s notice and adapt to your changing needs over time.  Whatever you throw at us, we’re quick to respond. Plus, our Operon Gate is a customizable process designed to meet your unique labor requirements. When screening candidates, we draw upon an extensive library of tests and training programs to best match a candidate to your specific needs. We can also create or modify our training programs for educating recruits on your specific products, manufacturing instructions and any other need-to-know matters.



High Performance, from Systems to Service.

Operon employs a wide range of systems and protocols to ensure quality every step of the way, from screening and managing candidates to evaluating our own performance. These include:

  • The Operon Gate.
  • Requirements Definition Process.
  • New Account Start-Up & Development Process.
  • Zavanta Global Documentation & Management System.
  • Web-Accessed & Controlled Quality Management System.
  • Kronos Time Collection, Tracking & Reporting Software.
  • Proven Global Back Office System & Support.
  • Expanded Multiple Time-Zone IT support.
  • Labor Communications & Measurement Programs.
  • Metrics Reports.
  • Customer Surveys and Quarterly Program Reviews.
  • Regular Internal Audits.

It all adds up to consistent quality, day in and day out, from year to year. Learn more.



Measurable Value

Operon provides significant, measurable value in several ways. Our fully qualified and trained labor results in improved productivity and fewer errors. Our on-site management ensures rapid, cost-efficient ramp-up or ramp-down. Our metrics provide quantifiable statistics for performing cost/benefit analyses. Plus, our pool of industry-qualified applicants combined with our innovative recruiting processes enables us to meet fill-rates for even the largest healthcare product companies. It all adds up to significant cost and risk take-out while achieving your production, quality and compliance objectives.



Any other needs? Please let us know. We’ll respond shortly with an answer.