Reliable Managing and Measuring.


Our screening and training doesn’t stop once a candidate becomes part of your temporary work force. Our On-Site Managers stay in regular contact with HR Managers and Production Supervisors to ensure your great workers are indeed working out great.

Within two weeks after placement, work performance is evaluated via our Quality Assurance Checks. With many clients, we conduct quarterly employee performance reviews to track progress and provide feedback to temporary workers.

To help us evaluate our own performance, clients participate in quarterly satisfaction surveys. In addition, surveys are completed by all temporary employees as well as departed workers to evaluate working environments, orientation & training effectiveness, and job satisfaction. These surveys feed a Quarterly Program Review to measure the overall effectiveness of the program.

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Program Review metrics include:

This process yields an Action Plan outlining any areas in need of improvement.

We also maintain internal communications with our temporary employees to remind them of protocol, motivate performance, and provide any updates. These communications can be in the form of office posters, newsletters, emails, and the like. “Employee of the Month” contests and other recognitions are also commonly used to incentivize improvement.